Best hostel and hotel in London

Hey there, don’t know where to stay in London or just curious, then this may help you, my two favourite places to stay in London.

  1. Wombats Hostel – Algate East 

At roughly £20 a night for an 8 bed dorm this hostel is brilliant. It’s pretty much brand new – opening on this year. This place is more like a hipster hotel than it is a hostel, as soon as I walked in there is a huge refurbished wooden reception desk and the communal work/chill area I was pretty impressed.Front Desk - Photo not mine.

The check in was easy but just be warned if you are staying there, like many hostels you have to give some form of photo ID which nearly caught me out if it wasn’t for my railcard. The rooms are simple as you’d expect but also very very clean, me and my friend Stuart stayed in a twin room because and i quote “I can’t stay in a shared room incase somebody farts, I will literally ROFL”, literally laugh every time I read that and am even laughing at it in public right now.

Double Bedroom, clean and simple.

As hostels go this is brilliant, 10 minute walk away from two tube stations – tower hill being the one that is easiest to connect to other places, but Algate East has the Circle District and Metropol which all run straight into areas like South Kensington where the Natural History Museum is (great visit also btw). The local area also holds great treasures from British pubs to gin bars and really great coffee shops like Exmouth – which I actually wrote a post about. It also has a great bar at reasonable prices, £3.50 for a spirit and a mixer isn’t all that bad for central London in a pretty cool environment!

The bar area, super visual.

Not only do they have a bar but they have a very modern and well equipped kitchen to use along with a nice courtyard with bean bags in summer. The hostel really was brilliant and a lot of research payed off, if you are going to London and want cheap and excellent then this is definitely the place to go!

2. The Hoxton – Holborn

I visited the Hoxton in December last year for a birthday getaway with my lovely girlfriend Maddie (I will probably refer to her as Mads). After looking around for a while for something a little bit special but also fairly reasonable Mads managed to find this brilliant Hotel! It was still quite expensive at £129 a night but could have been way more for the quality that it was! As we both work in a hotel for a part time job we notice when something is brilliant – mainly because the hotel we work at isn’t so much in the brilliant category. As soon as I walked into the hotel I was literally thinking is this the right place? How can we afford to stay here? They also have National Geographic and Vogue Magazines in the lobby on mass, I knew this place was for us!


We stayed in the cosy room the third largest and although space is a little bit scarce its all you need along with a huge round mirror that Mads absolutely loved for selfies and for her makeup. There was the and coffee making facilities but also the coolest tea and coffee facilities along with a notepad and pencil, a list of things in the local area and telling you about how you can hire a bike from them for free, free printing, calls wifi and mini fridge with milk and water. For me it was the little touches that really made the difference!

Who you calling a mug?
Who you calling a mug?

The bed was pristine and very photo worthy, big spacious and comfortable!


The Hoxton does a little breakfast bag that gets taken to your room every morning, literally all you need before heading out and maybe getting second breakfast at somewhere like the breakfast club. Fresh orange – like the freshest of oranges to, a granola pot and a banana. Great idea, although you can also order room service from Hubbard and Bell the restaurant downstairs but for a room service price.



The shower was also very very nice, powerful warm and enough room for two… Good quality shampoo and shower gel, again, just little extras that make it worthy of the price tag and only a 10 minute walk from Covent Garden. They also have a verrryyy good coffee shop called Holborn grind just as you walk to the tube stop (which is 5 minutes away) and the food from here also looked wonderful! There are many “Grind’s” all round London so check those out!IMG_2236

It’s safe to say we felt pretty bleak about leaving the hotel and would love to come back again at some point or even as they expand to Paris, Amsterdam and New York it may be one of these destinations, who knows! For the extra bit of money if you’re looking to take somebody you love for a luxury on a budget weekend to London I would 100% recommend this hotel and I do to all my friends!

Which one of the two places is more you?

Stay positive, George.

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