Into the wild: Book review

I have never been a massive book reader, I would rather be outside playing football as a kid or doing something more active. As I have got older I still struggle to read a full book, with time constraints and the fact I’d much rather enjoy watching a tv programme or documentary rather than reading a book. Magazines I find okay due to the fact there are visuals to help break down long sections and that the subject changes a lot, therefore if I am bored, I move on.

Although, about a year ago I picked up Into The Wild by John Krakauer, a moving book about a boy called Chris who dreamt about being a nomad.

vsco-photo-1vsco-photo-3It wasn’t until this summer whilst having time to relax on the beach that I finally got deep into the book, and since then I have read it on and off.

Although there seemed to be a lot of hype about this book I did’t particularly enjoy it at first, with the plot seeming to be difficult to understand. There were so many characters with different names, in different areas and I got completely confused by it. The only way I could probably absorb it was to read a lot of it twice over.

Although that being said as you progress through the book you start to realise who is who and it develops into a good read, not a great read, but a good read. Personally I would say if you can pick it up for around £8/$12 then it is well worth the money. vsco-photo-2_DSC0910

I would like to hear if any of you guys have read this book and tell me what you think!

P.S I fly tomorrow!!!

Stay positive,



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