First Week in Sydney.

This last 10 days has absolutely flown by!

Arriving in Sydney on the 4th of December and already having met 4 people on the plane who were travelling made me feel pretty comfortable about the journey ahead. After coming through the some what easy process that was Australian customs, Josh, Mollie and I headed to BASE hostel.

My first impressions of BASE were poor, with the reception staff not really sure what they were doing but the main issue was when arriving to my room at 11pm after 28 hours of no sleep there wasn’t even a bed ready. This was quickly resolved but I just wanted to sleeeep! Despite my first impressions being poor I cameo really enjoy BASE, more so for the friendly atmosphere and the people rather than the actual quality of the hostel. it was what I was expecting, everybody up for a chat and everyone there to travel.

After a delightful 8 hours of sleep and with the jet lag behind me Mollie and I headed to Sydney to explore.


On first view the Opera house was pretty underwhelming to be honest, it’s not as big as you think and its also not as exciting as when you see it any film. Non the less the architecture is brilliant and it gets better as you see it more and more.

We had a hectic day, heading to the botanical gardens, which are just insanely good! An oasis that makes you feel as though you’re miles away from any high rise buildings and pollution that comes with a big city.IMG_4897IMG_4898IMG_4890

The day wasn’t even over and at 3 o’clock we headed to the iconic Bondi Beach.

I don’t know wether its the fact that its so busy, or that the waves are super fun, or maybe because there are a fair few topless women and even good looking guys but I loved it! it something you have to do in Australia, let alone Sydney! It’s super clean and always something going on, go and get a towel and find somewhere near the flags and chill the flip out!IMG_4982IMG_4980

The next few days consisted of heading around Sydney and visiting the sights. One of which was Manley, probably the most beautiful part of Sydney and a great escape from the busy city life.

Little tip – head there on a Sunday because its only $2.50 return instead of $15. IMG_4937IMG_4957IMG_4958IMG_4939

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with e8 preset

Another fun little trip I went on was to visit the Opera house and the harbour bridge at night. I don’t know wether the sunset is that unreal every night but this time it was awe inspiring. IMG_5005IMG_5004IMG_4997_DSC0124_DSC0116_DSC0169_DSC0138

So far that was one of the best things I have done so far!

A late night skate trip across the Harbour bridge was also another highlight. Although I was pretty bloody scared due to the heights and I swear it moves when you’re walking? Probably just me! IMG_5022IMG_5028IMG_5031IMG_5044

Just a quick little update to let anyone who cares and for myself to see what i have been up to!

Stay Positive, George.

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