Blue Mountains Sydney

After using my previous and only 3 Sundays of $2.50 travel heading off to Manly, I decided to utilise the cheap travel to head to the blue mountains.

The blue mountains are one of the most beautiful places to go and with them only being around 2 hours on public transport they are a must!

Most people head to Katoomba but just two stops before is Wentworth Falls and definitely a much better destination. An hour or two walking the Charles Darwin walk (time dependant on the number of photos you take along the way).








The views are pretty spectacular and so so worth the trip.

Meet the squad, Me far left, Oliver in white, Toby in blue and at the back sitting pretty is Tom.


After a fair few sweaty hours of walking and finally getting down the labelled ‘many many stairs’ we got to the bottom of one of the waterfalls and me and Tom decided to take a plunge.



It was seriously cold but so worth it. The water also makes you look b-e-a-utiful.


Probably one of my best shots, gives you such good perspective. Yes those are people at the bottom, and that wasn’t even the very bottom!_DSC0200_DSC0177_DSC0202_DSC0203

After an extremely successful hike we headed back to the train station and went to Katoomba.

_DSC0253_DSC0283_DSC0211IMG_5291Katoomba was ookaaay. Full of tourists and push chairs and people taking selfies and yes the view was amazing but not like the best place to see the views.

One quick tip make sure you just use the opal bus rather than the explorer bus, takes you to exactly the same spots but at a fraction of the cost!

After a full days walking and 11 hours in the mountains we got the train back. Although it will definitely not be the last time that I go to the Blue Mountains and thats for sure!

Stay positive, George.

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