Sydney’s Paddy Markets

One of the best things to do as a back packer in Sydney. Okay, maybe not, but maybe you’re drawn in now.

Although it is the best way to save money on food. Australia is pretty limited on its food shops, its not like the UK where you have several different large stores to chose from, its pretty much either Coles or Woolworths. Therefore the food can be a little pricey because they don’t have to compete so much. Ah for price wars!


The Paddys can really help keep your fruit and vegetable costs to a minimum, often with prices of more than a third of the big supermarkets. Not only is it cheap but where else do you get free samples of fruit, and a chinese lady on every stall shouting 2 dollar, 2 dollar at you.

The best thing to do is to take a good walk around and make sure that you get the best deal!  Although I recommend just staying in the food section. The rest does consist of what you might find at a jumble sale, including fake goods and cheap tat.

I would only maybe stay away from capsicums (peppers) because I have had a mouldy few.

My big weigh up is that non of the fruit or vegetables are organic but most are Australian grown, I have been trying to eat organic as much as I can at the moment but sometimes its a budget vs a health choice. As time progresses and I start to find cheaper options for organic food I will hopefully be able to do so, but at the moment the Paddy Markets are just wonderful, and wonderfully cheap.

You will find the paddy markets at Hay St & Thomas Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Chinatown. Easiest way to get there is getting a train to Town Hall or Central Station, and then google map it and walk!

So yeah, Wednesday to Sunday between 10am to 6pm is my favourite shopping time of the week at the moment!


If anybody else has any tips in Sydney then please leave a comment!

Stay positive, George!

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