Mojo Surf – Spot X Surf Camp

Over New Year Sydney was hella expensive for accommodation so I decided to book a surf camp I had heard about, with the intention to work there for a month after for food and accommodation.

Things didn’t really go to plan, when I got to the surf camp I really wasn’t too sure about it tbh, I know surf camps are not luxury and I fully appreciate and embrace that. Although after an 8 hour coach journey and with it being 7am I tried not to overthink it too much. After a decent breakfast and a few hours of waiting around I finally managed to go surfing. The waves were good and it felt great to be back surfing after a couple of months without it, but I dont know whether it was the tiredness or the fact we were in a small group with no English people, but even when I was surfing I wasn’t overly enjoying it.

I found it very clique, probably the worst possible thing when you’re travelling alone. Theres nothing worse than feeling as though you’re in the wrong place, and I think that was the first day I was really homesick.

I persevered and tried to make sure I enjoyed myself and thought to myself, I’m by the sea, I’m safe, there are so many people who would love to be able to just decide to head off and go on a surf holiday. After a few hours sleep and getting to know a few more people I did think that do you know what, this could be alright after all. Although it did slightly improve, meeting some very interesting¬†and fun people, it still wasn’t what I was expecting and I made the decision to take an afternoon off surfing on the 31st and to just apply for jobs in Sydney, a decision that I am very glad I made.

The lifestyle would have been good, having breakfast looking at the beach waking up at sunrise and going down to the beach (which I did on the first day of 2016 – pretty cool) but its the fact that that is all there was. The nearest store was a 15 minute drive and about 2 hours walking. It was remote, I would hate to waste my days there, not having time to surf, hating life and not being able to get away from it all and surround myself in noise to distract myself.

Nevertheless, towards the end of it I did really enjoy my trip, as a holiday. The sunrises, the fact I caught my first proper green waves on the first day of the year and the good people.

What I might add is that it is not a patch on the Errant surf trip I went on in October – big up the Santander Crew!!

I think what I really learnt about myself is that I know I have to trust my instinct and that the decision you make is always the right one. Even if you regret it, it is what you wanted at the time. I am happy in the decision I made and I am very happy to be back in Sydney and to start working to save up for more adventures!

Here are a few photos from the surf camp, there are very few, but I was still out there enjoying myself.


First day of the year and actually catching a little bit of green! Although there were at least 5 waves I caught that day but they didn’t get any pictures. Typical!





Stay positive, George.





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