Life Update: February

A lot has happened since the new year, its been very busy and I have no idea how a month has already gone by!

January has been tricky for me, I’ve spent a lot of it waiting, waiting to see if I could get a job, whether I made the right decision to come back to Sydney. As it turns out I think I have made the right decision, and even if I haven’t then you can’t think about what ifs, it will not change anything. I’m a firm believer in this.

I managed to get a job. Thank god! I now work at the Shangri-La hotel Sydney, not really what I want to do and the job is very similar to at home, but you know it pays well, they give me a good amount of shifts and if it means sticking it out for a few months to pay for more time travelling then its pretty worthwhile if you ask me!

I have also found a home to live in in Surry Hills, an area I always wanted to live in. It’s right near Central Station, sharing with Tom and 3 other English girls, a restaurant of every cuisine, pubs and bars galore, and near several coffee shops, my ‘local’ being Reuben Hills, it’s such a great place to live! Bonus is that I have a double bed in my own room and it is really wonderful! I can’t tell you how good it is to have even your own room to unpack your bag! Although it does only have 3 and a half weeks left. Dammnnn.

The idea of living in one of the coolest places in one of the biggest and best cities in the world is pretty damn cool. Im enjoying it, but I also can not wait to travel again and I am currently planning weekend camping trips away to the outer suburbs of Sydney.

So yeah just a little update for anyone who cares (basically me and maybe my mum).

For the next few weeks my travelling will be limited to days off but my love for Sydney is ever growing!

Stay positive, George.




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